Summer Fun

By Jake Neighbors

The summer break is only a couple of weeks away. Starting May 10, all of you will be out of college for the spring semester. Some of you might also be wondering what you could possibly do over the summer. Here are a few tips on how to have fun in the sun, while staying under a budget.

The first idea that comes to mind is going camping at a nearby lake around your hometown. This might not sound like a blast at first, but add in your closest friends, a beach to swim, and some good, fire-grilled steaks, and you have a fun way to spend a week or so. Most camp grounds are not too expensive, especially if you divide the cost of the site and needed food between a group of four or five people.

If spending a week in a crowded tent is not your forte, there is always the classic summer road trip. If you want to see white sandy beaches, get a group of friends together in the biggest car you  have, and drive to Florida; stopping along the way to see the sites and taste the local cuisine of each state you pass through.

If you want to make the trip to the Sunshine State memorable, take the long way down from Oklahoma City to Dallas, Texas, to New Orleans, La., and finally straight on to Destin, Fla. This trip alone is almost 20 hours, but you and your friends will have a road trip to remember, and all the places you visit will have their own unique sites and foods. The Google Maps suggested route is through Little Rock, Ark., and Atlanta, Ga., a 17-hour drive.Just like the camping, if you divide the cost of gas and the hotel/motel rooms, the trip should not be all that expensive; depending on where you eat and sleep each night, and the attractions you see.

Another idea is to get a summer job somewhere that allows you still have some fun. Summertime means summer camps, and these camps need staff members, so look up the summer camps in your area and see if they could use a helping hand.You may have the chance to get paid to climb cliffs, swim, and even shoot paintballs at people. It all depends on the camp you decide to work at.

Regardless of what you decide to do this summer, remember to enjoy your time away from school, but do not forget to be safe. Going anywhere  you are not familiar, whether across the nation or through the woods, can be dangerous, so always let someone at home know where you are at and keep them updated on your activities. If something were to happen, your loved ones would at least have a place to start looking.

Happy Summer!