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Connors State College recently hosted several events asking students to agree to complete their degree. Participating students signed commitment forms at all three Connors campuses.

“The members of the Mu Chi chapter responded to the call to completion initiative set for by the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society,” said Colleen Noble, a CSC retention specialist.Phi Theta Kappa is committed to actively encouraging completion of a college credential, an associate degree or certificate among community college students.

Mu Chi members hosted five events on three campuses: Warner, Muskogee West and Muskogee Three Rivers Port campus. In order to impact as many students as possible, events were held during the day and evening.”Students were encouraged to sign pledge cards and sign the Completion Banners,” said CSC Academic Advisor, Kim Phillips. “At this time, we have 252 student and several faculty signatures on three banners. The banners will be displayed on all three campuses.”

Phillips and Noble, Mu Chi Chapter advisors, were also invited to speak to several classes about the importance of college completion. Encouraging student leadership, they showed a presentation created by student Tiffany Morales, Mu Chi chapter president. Tiffany developed the presentation as part of her persuasion speech for the Introduction to Oral Communication class.

Students were also offered the opportunity to participate in an essay contest describing the importance of completing a degree program. First place went to Cassandra Sallis, second place went to Judy Capps and third place was awarded to Keli Miles.