Students Collect Food for the Homeless

By Ami Maddocks

Connors State College Sophomore, Deniese Leach, and her Introduction to Social Services class began a food drive to help the area’s hungry. What started as a class project soon spread to involve all three Connors’ campuses.”I was reading the Muskogee Phoenix one Wednesday to look at the ads to fill my pantry for the winter, ironically enough, and I saw the article talking about the Gospel Rescue Mission’s pantry being out of food,” Leach said. “After much thought, I decided to talk to Mr. J [Muskogee Campus Administrator, Mike Jackson] to see if he would let me challenge my class members to raise canned goods for the shelter. He said, yes, definitely. That evening I went home, prepared the challenge, and presented it to the class the next week.”

Leach challenged her classmates to bring three canned goods, per week, per student.”This is about the equivalent of one Big Gulp or two McDoubles per week,” she said. “This could give 25-30 homeless people several hot meals.”Leach’s class food drive soon spread though Connors’ three campuses. Classes were encouraged to donate as a group and Campus Life representatives picked up donations using borrowed shopping carts.


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