Babysitter Boot Camp a Success

Twenty girls, ages 8 to 18, recently participated in Connors State College’s first Babysitter Boot Camp class. The class, designed to teach safety and babysitting basics, was taught by the revamped child development department with help from the nursing department.

“The class was held as a service to the community,” said CSC Child Development Instructor Kimberly Phillips. “We also hope to foster young minds into future early childhood careers.”

The babysitters learned storytelling, games, arts, crafts, basic care, and made simple healthy snacks. Each participant authored their own big book with the help of the Cherokee Nation Child Care Resource Center. CSC Nursing Instructor Angela Martindale taught hands-on basic first aid and CPR skills. The babysitters also learned how to market their skills to be the best and most called on babysitter around. Participants took home a babysitting backpack full of fun ideas including games, business cards, a T-shirt, and a certificate of completion.

“I really liked the class,” said participant Whitney Hurd, 15, of Muskogee. “I previously learned first aid and CPR but thought it would be fun to relearn the basics.”

While the students had fun they also got a glimpse of the difficulties required of caring for children.

“It’s hard work,” said Babysitter Molly Paden, 13, of Keys, who has twin toddler brothers. “I learned how to do CPR but I’m already really good at diaper changing.”

The child development department at Connors State College has undergone considerable changes to the curriculum and leadership recently to stay up-to-date on the latest in the field. To learn more visit

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